We all have experienced the wind of a delayed flights and suffering the mess at its peak , therefore we have arranged some must haves in your purse everytime you take in your carry-on bags. SO whenever the flight is delayed and incase you opt to stay at your nearby hotel room it is important to carry this stuff as a must have.


Extra cash: Incase you won’t find another ATM and running out of money made the situation really upsetting, so better carry extra cash.


Eye mask: If you are about to suffer with the delayed flight agenda then grab your eye mask to be more comfortable at your nearby hotel room incase the sun beams hurt your eyes 6:00 am in the morning.


Antibacterial wipes: Because you will be touching alot of germs while travelling from the shuttle to the airplane so better to eradicate the bacteria and using the wet wipes to stay germ free throughout the time.


Toothbrush : Land with a fresh breath to set an impression of a healthy flight. So better glue the grin on your face 🙂


Medicine for headache: Incase the migraine attack takes over , keep 1st aid meds to nip it in the bud and make the rest of the journey easier.


Slippers: If you want to get cozy throughout the flight then hop in pair of slippers and just be comfortable.


Water bottle: Always take your water bottle along in timely travels as water won’t be available throughout the flight, however your container can be refilled from the nearest water dispensers.


Snacks: if you have a blood pressure fluctuation issue then its important to carry some protein / energy bars to fix your cravings and keep the blood level maintained. Also with the delayed flight scenarios some munchies will do good.


Passport photo copies : Lost passport could be difficult for the rest of your hangout routine and can simply muddle the situation, so it is wise to take the photocopies along so avoid such story to be remembered.


Notebook : And ofcourse for the people who indulge themselves in writing mantras can carry a notebook , it is also wise to carry one with just for small emergencies incase you misplace your phone to take notes in.


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