Girls bags are a major case study subject, if you take a look you will find tons of unimportant things all stuffed in a handbag but apart from your wallet, mobile phone, and charger there are some other useful and MUST have stuff that needs to be in your purse.

1. Compact: you can’t roll without a compact or mirror case in your bag , cause you need to check up on your face leap hour so it is a must to carry this essential.

2. Hand Sanitizer: If you drive your own car or sit behind the driving seat, sanitizing your hand is super important as you may expose to publically addressed elements. Girls also usually touch their face so its important to keep your hands all clean.

3. Pair of Shades: So important to keep shades while you travel ,looks trendy and protect eyes from excessive sun rays.

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4. Safety Pins: always carry few safety pins as they are life saver incase you rip a piece of cloth or your button just pop out .

5. Band Aids: it is good if you carry some first aid as it makes your bruise feel better , even if a nail is chipping off you can always cover it with the band aid. So its a must have.

6. Bobby pins: if are tired of wearing your hair down than take out some bobby pin to create a messy high bun, or you are in a rush to head some event after work and want to achieve some different hair do, carry this little guy.

7. Lip gloss/lip stick: So important for a touch up to freshen up your face after some hectic hours , so if you are rushing for some important meeting you may fix your lipstick instantly.

8. Extra earrings: if you lost one than just dig in your purse and wear the pair, because there is no hack to a lost earring, so its better to keep some extras.

9.Mouth Fresheners: so important to keep some mint or gums or candies that can freshen up your mouth, because you don’t want anyone to make comment about your bad breath. So carry some gum to save your reputation.

10. Energy Bars: also one of the essentials to keep your energy level all boost is some energy or protein bars incase your blood pressure gets low this is how you can cope up with the manage your BP to avoid any mishap.

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