One of the recent survey has declared that the most beautiful nationality of the world is “Pakistani”, so this nations is blessed with the beauty and charisma that one can endure with. We have listed a few top 10 Pakistani Female Celebrities with the killer smiles that melts dozens of hearts.

Samina Perzada, The graceful and elegant celeb has always spelled us with her smile and elegance in attire, she has always topped the list of being a graceful celebrity of all times.

Atiqa Odho, The marvelous and jaw dropping celebrity of Pakistan has maintained herself so beautifully that she can pick up her loyal fans with or without her appearance on television. Atiqa has a great sense of style and has a best smile ever.

Atiqa Odho-Styling by Mona J.

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Iman Ali, The stunner Ms Ali, intact us with her charismatic looks and put us in spell bound of her beautiful smile. Iman is a diva in modelling industry and is always our favorite.

Sania Saeed, The beauty with brains is one of an icon of Pakistani entertainment world, she has initiated many eccentric ideas and has develop a sense of blended culture in media. Sania’s cute little smile lightens the mood and is evergreen.

Mehreen Raheel, An eye catcher and heart stealer Mehreen is a beautiful and charming sweetheart of Pakistan, she has definitely added supreme beauty to this industry.

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Aiza Khan, this sugar pie has always been a winner in making fans and make people’s heart beats fast whenever her pretty little face is on screen, Aiza has built a good sense of style and definitely has the cutest smile ever.

Gorgeous Aiza!?? #aizakhan @iaizakhan

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Mahira Khan, has its own taste of drawing attention of her fans whether she is on “No makeup” agenda or dressed up well, Mahira is another charmer and ignites the spark in everyone’s heart with her pretty smile.


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Sarah Khan, is a new sensation and has absolutely astound everyone with her great looks and amazing works, Sarah is competing major beauty contest in the industry and is simply a sweetheart.

Jana Malik, Those magnificent eyes and beautiful smile has blown our minds totally, this pretty girl has always listed the cutest celebrity list.

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Neelam Munir, we cannot deny the fact that Neelam has become everyone’s new crush with her enticing face glam and the smile to die for. She is an ultimate topper and has a cutest smile.

Say chezzzzzz

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