Suhana’s carelessness towards everything has put Imtiyaz indoubts. When he could not find Suhana at home after coming back from Turkey he got more suspicious. Suhana’s displeased reaction on her husband’s questions broke Imtiyaz’s heart.

On the contrary, Rameez called off his engagement with Leena by telling that he had been terminated from his job in Dubai. His incautious action piqued Leena .

A loving fiancé, Leena turned into a revengeful woman. She decided to reveal all of Rameez’s and Suhana’s secrets in front of Suhana’s husband. She tried all the means to convey the secrets to Imtiyaz.

Leena resigned from her work giving the reason that she is leaving for Dubai with her husband which made Suhana feltl like a fool. She could not keep her patience and felt like a blockhead. Her confused personality made her regret the decision of patching up with Rameez.

A couple of days later, Leena communicated with Imtiyaz and told him everything about his wife’s past relationship. The news broke him into pieces and his curiosity towards Suhana’s changed behavior increased.

Although, he tried to solve everything himself but he could not digest the fact that the person he loved was into somebody and never stopped loving him.Now, it was Imtiyaz’s turn to show Suhana his other side. He stopped expressing his love and changed into a different man.

Suhana for some reason went to her mother’s house, where she got into an argument with her mother. While they were having the arguments, Imtiyaz showed up and listened all the conversation.

Now, Imtiyaz has reached a decison. To find out what decision he will take and whether his wedding is on stake or not, watch Teri Raza’s next episode on Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY digital.

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