After her physical assault, Fiza has nearly lost her sanity. Its obvious that whatever happened to her has lead to this condition, and she is now going through a rough patch. Bay Khudi moved forward with a point where Fiza has caused everyone to be extremely worried and deep down she’s dying.

Fiza is now aloof and solely wants to be by herself, whatever Saad did to her is making her go insane. Saad on the other hand regrets what he did and the sin he committed. No one in the family is aware that he has raped Fiza, not even she herself. This has become a story of unjust to a girl who has been nothing but nice to everyone.

Furthermore, when Asher wanted to meet Fiza she refused to see him, her trauma is getting to her and making it impossible to have a breath of relive. Sexual harassment is probably that one thing which just drains your soul out of your body, for a woman that’s the most terrible thing. Though she has kept this secret to herself, her mother finally has an idea about what happened and she blaming it all on Asher was a quick conclusion.

Moreover, The entire situation has made everyone highly worried about Fiza’s stance, her fever reached to peak, she telling Saad that her only motive is to put an end to her life was another plus on the mountain of problems. We believe that Fiza should at least let her mother know about whatever happened to her, rather than drowning in her own tears.

Talking about the further situation, do you think Fiza will let her secret out? Is her and Asher’s relationship going to hit rock bottom? Will Saad finally have Fiza? How will the entire family react when they learn about what happened to her? All the secrets will be unraveled once the next episode goes on air. Stay tuned to ARY Digital to watch Bay Khudi on Thursdays at 9.00 pm.

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