Saheefa Jabbar one of the talented and versatile model’s of the industry was previously bashed for getting a pixie cut, an eccentric hairstyle for Pakistani society judged by the society itself. Saheefa fought back to all these negative comments against her through sharing a video on her Facebook stating,”Cutting my hair doesn’t make me a bad person, a bad Muslim, or make me unsuitable for marriage.”

Her short hair is what had made her stand out in the fashion industry. Much power to you girl!!

Saheefa, in an award show announced that she will be tieing the knot soon and here we are with beautiful pictures of her dholak and mayun.

Isn’t she looking super gorgeous in her mayun look ? We just loved the way she is carrying this traditional outfit with all those Gajra’s!

This is surely a message for the society and all those who have ever bashed a girl!

ARY Digital wishes Saheefa all the very best for her future life!


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