This has always been a five star review

However I am editing my notes because I now have a much better understanding of pipe tobaccos and it is only fair I do justice to the product!

Don’t puff this one hard and fast, pipe will gurgle and give you a bad taste

When I opened the tin I was greeted by a sweet smelling tobacco. I smell the caramel and fruit – however there is no synthetic smell. This tobacco was enjoyed with a nice cup of tea. I found it easy to light, easy to keep lit, smooth satisfying smoke. As it burned in the bowl it didn’t get too hot and the room note was excellent! No tongue bite to speak of! I taste the caramel, no bad aftertaste either. Another hit from Peterson!

Good for a special occasion smoke!

I’m have become a fan of Peterson Tobaccos, and I can’t understand why they aren’t reviewed more positively on this site!

Smells wonderful, lights and packs easily. First quarter light and sweet. I got so excited to taste an imported tabac I over puffed, got it too hot and started to get some bite. Set it down, also calmed myself down and relit once cool.

Boom! A real tasty sweet maple syrup mixed with peacan nut nougat. too excited and. too hot again. Set it down, again. I’m feeling rather stupid at this but also thrilled. It really tastes of quality. Just got to smoke it better.

Third time lucky. the rest was a slow and sweet enjoyable smoke. I’ll update again once I smoke this in my Keyser which has a better fishtail stem.

Much easier to control the heat, no bite, taste the same but able to enjoy it more consistently. Very nice through the nose, quite sweet second time around. Couldn’t smoke this a third time. I’m going to recommend this as you would a sweet aperitif after a meal. Like Frangelica or Controu. It’s a good choice for a sweet pipe and would be followed well by something more hearty.

Tobacco is presented nice in the tin, ribbon cut of burley and cavendish with Virginia flake mixed in. Pretty interesting. The whole thing is “pressed” into one big hockey puck so some rubbing out is needed. Very fun to work with. The smell is caramel popcorn 100%. A sweet buttery caramel nutty aroma.

Packs fine if you rub it out nice. It’s not a heavy cased tobacco so it’s not too wet or goopy. Lights nice I didn’t need any relights and I’m 3/4 the way though my second bowl.

The taste is a subtler then the smell but it is a nutty burley with a caramel butter taste. Kettle cooked caramel popcorn. I do get some grassy hay from the Virgina as well. But this is definitely sweet as the name says. The retrohale is pleasant however you’ll notice the Virgina. Puff light and don’t chase that caramel flavor and you’ll be rewarded with a nice aromatic with a rewarding taste. Did leave moisture in the bowl though.

All and all I’m glad I picked this up. The reviews set me up to not expect much but if you want a SWEET caramel flavored aromatic then here ya go. Aromatic fans I would recommend this too however this kept giving me tongue bite even after drying. So it didn’t work too well for me. Very one dimensional caramel flavor. Blended it with other aros for a nice treat.

This was very wet and needed drying before it could be smoked.Otherwise it will burn your mouth out with steam bite.

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