Suhana felt miserable after returning home, the behavior of her parents made her feel helpless. They never consoled her since the day she came back, neither did they like to interact with her.


Suhana took permission from her father to continue working at her boutique and got the permission too but his trust shattered when he heard Suhana meeting Rameez at the boutique.


Suhana’s father being angry called Rameez’s father to warn him about his son and conveyed the message to Rameez through his father to maintain distance from Suhana.


Suhana’s parents did not want their daughter to socialize with others because it could affect their reputation in the society. Suhana’s mother pressurized her to patch up with Imtiyaz. Suhana’s father could not cope up with the burden which made him mentally and physically weak and resulted in a heart attack.


When Imtiyaz heard the dreadful news, he visited his uncle in the hospital where he met Suhana.


There, Suhana confessed everything she had been through since the day she came back from Imtiyaz’s house. She cried her heart out in front of Imtiyaz. Being Suhana’s well-wisher, Imtiyaz assured her that he would do anything for her happiness, she deserved to be happy and he would help her in getting married to Rameez. She finally found a best friend in him that made Imtiyaz happy for that moment.


Do you think that behaviour of Suhana’s parents towards her is right? Does she deserve to be treated like this? Is Rameez worthy of having Suhana in her life?

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