She wished to be physically intimate which have your if you find yourself helping him then his experience of Rias

Following the online game up against Team Trump Credit out of Heaven, Issei recommended to help you their, stating that the guy planned to invest their lifestyle together with her far to help you this lady tearful joy, this made the girl his fifth bride to be.


Because of their earlier in the day distress as a result of are labeled a disgrace of the Himejima Clan if you are born a half-Fallen Angel, additionally the loss of her mother Shuri Himejima, Akeno has continued to develop an effective hatred for men and you can Dropped Angels, distress inner care about-hating and you may refusing to use her Holy Super feature.

After Issei inquired about the woman birth she revealed the girl Dropped Angel culture, are worried one to Issei would dislike her considering the distress the guy had because of Fell Angels, however, fell in love with your once he reported that the guy enjoyed their regardless of it.

Due to her earlier in the day, Akeno is noted to depend on the latest men inside her lifestyle (Issei and her father, Baraqiel), is unstable when anything crappy goes wrong with her or him.

Akeno is the most seductive woman about harem, since she considers by herself Issei’s domme; often coming into Issei’s sleep , creeping so you can entice Issei and becoming slutty whenever Issei acts macho in front of this lady. . She will enjoys sexual longs for him. Akeno features a fondness out of cosplay, will dressing so you can seduce Issei and you can S&Yards, when you are usually an S, she gets Yards to possess Issei alone.

Akeno is demonstrated to want to remain at Issei’s top forever, promising to get their Fallen Angel and come up with your delighted, instead of Raynare, the fresh Fell Angel which slain him and you can scarred their heart.

Akeno was noted to-be one of the calmest ladies inside the new harem, barely to-be envious of one’s ORC female, though she do get jealous when people who are not alongside Issei flirt having him. Akeno can belong to a despair whenever she thinks you to definitely Issei is actually recinded from her and you will she you should never rating your back.

Issei suggested so you’re able to the woman when you look at the Rating Games against the girl father, guaranteeing to address the lady, while making their his second bride.


Because they very first started out intense together, Xenovia and you may Issei has worked together with her so you can recover new forgotten Excalibur pieces. On account of the girl association with Issei and you can Rias Gremory, Xenovia registered Rias’ peerage once she is actually exiled from the Church.

Just after to be a devil, she tried to bring beginning so you’re able to college students and also make right up to have enough time she destroyed serving the newest Church because a female, opting for Issei because the girl spouse on account of him as the Red Dragon Emperor. However, immediately following Issei asked Archangel Michael so that Xenovia to help you hope in the place of discomfort, she accepted him as the a member of the alternative intercourse and you can fell deeply in love with your.

Xenovia is among the boldest females on harem, as she constantly tries to mate with Issei so you can sire children, even providing condoms for the class room for them to “practice”.

Xenovia is among the girls that is concerned about dropping at the rear of when it comes to her reference to Issei, since she fears are overtaken because of the most other ladies.

Xenovia are shown to admire Issei’s committed characteristics, enjoying your since an effective example to check out. The woman is in addition to fascinated by their power-method of fighting layout, trying replicate it for her individual have fun with.

Xenovia as well as expressed interest in joining Issei’s peerage immediately following he gets a premier-group Demon. Shortly after Issei try promoted so you can a premier-classification Devil, Xenovia is traded to help you your, to-be their Knight, far so you can her pleasure. Xenovia keeps declared herself as “Issei’s Sword”.

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