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Darama serial Shakk is going to be end soon let’s see what will happen in upcoming episodes as we all are waiting for Sehrish’s divorce but still we cannot anticipate their divorce yet.

shak 1

People do think in a way that Ethisham don’t want to divorce Sehrish. When he tells her that I am going to leave you. Suddenly, Sehrish says that “Shamm tum mujay choar k nai jasakty Shaam, plz plz plz” and hugs him, brilliant acting from gorgeous Sehrish and the captivating words of Ethisham was “Plz Normal hojio Sehrish”. He wants both wives under one roof.

Some men are from Mars so is the Ethisham , he must forgive Sehrish for her distrust on Ethisham and start a new life with her as she says “Pyaar kiya tha tubi tau Shakk aya” but Ethisham don’t want to let Saniyaa go and Saniyaa should not marry him she ought to go to Australia but she is just an opportunist. Man can easily forget but hardly forgive while women can easily forgive but hardly forget.

Judai aur milan aye dil
Hain yeh sab khel kismat ke
Bandhe hain kachi doori se
sabhi rishte mohabbat ke

shak 2

I wish that pregnancy news is true in this way he will get back to Sehrish but on other contrast may be this pregnancy news is just to bring out the Shakk (Doubt) in Sania’s mind so that she left him as I know this pretty well that Ethisham makes her understand that nothing was happened between me and Sehrish BUT Sania won’t believe him. May be Ethisham’s mother makes this idea of (Pregnancy) to get release from Sania.

What do you think that pregnancy news is true or fictitious and who will Win Sania or Sehrish?

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