It is all over as social media joined hands to celebrate the birthday of the god father of humanitarian work Sir Edhi. We know why Google and twitter spreading the event as everyone bow heads in honour to celebrate Abdul Sattar Edhi’s 89th birthday. See how people are tweeting on this day that hallmarks the future of humanitarian.


His works were significant reflection of a true humanitarian whose unstoppable efforts of owning this problematic society was incomparable , Sir Edhi won 15 international awards and 12 national awards in his lifetime, he was nominated several times for noble prize award.

The pain he felt for the homeless and orphans was a step forward towards building a merciful society and creating the sense of sympathy and forgiveness in general. Sir Edhi has always been a neutral human being who concern less of a man’s religion and caste but to the anthem of humanity he sings.

We will never forget the endless struggles made by Edhi Foundation in embracing the homeless children and providing a better future.

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