Ghayal’s previous episode was another emotional roller coaster that had us hooked to the screen, Adil is on the verge of making Tooba’s life a living hell. He picked Tania up and made sure everyone at her house was extremely worried. Even though Adil is married to Hadia, he still can’t get over Tooba and is constantly trying to gain her attention. What does he want now?

Now that Tooba wants to talk to Adil – her sister in law Kiran only wants her to maintain silence and avoid him, according to her – Hadia loves Adil and she can’t be hurt. Plus the fact that Omair has no idea about Tooba’s past left her in a state of shock, Kiran never told her brother about Tooba and now that is coming back to bother her terribly. She knows that she is deceitful to her husband by not telling him the truth.

Adil on the other hand knows that he is going to have Kiran fall under the trap of his innocent ‘fake’ face that he has pulled off, the man is a crook who only knows how to make lives hell! Tooba however, is worried about her married life. The cherry on top was when Omair finally read the letter that Mahira wrote for him right before their wedding, and his reaction was justified. Will the two part ways now? Or is Omair going to the big person and move on?

The last scene of Ghayal has now taken our curiosity level at peak! All of us long to know that what will happen next and how will Adil drag Tooba to the point of misery. We want to know how Tooba will fix her married life and be able to maintain the honor of her father. Will Hadia believe every word that Adil says? Will Omair forgive Tooba for the mistakes she did not commit? Find out all the answers in the next episode of Ghayal only on ARY Digital on Thursdays at 8:00 pm.

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