We talk about the American cinema , we talk about the sub-continent cinema , however the various regions of the world is actually growing with a package of much influenced film making concept, I would like to put Iranian cinema in a lime light as it is another growing industry one can witness in the present century.  It was a challenge of introducing the cinema to a strict law abided state but with the passage of times the Shah of Persia commenced the idea of renovating his state.  Various set of people with different ethnicity  and cultures lived in Iranian plateau and therefore Iran was introduced with the blended culture and civilization which bore the idea stronger , it was not about breaking the bonds or being a rebel but to walk equally with the rising and emerging techniques with the world.

The entertainment was a luxury and the major population of mediocre Persian families were unable to afford , as the middle class people emphasized more on the equal rights and the instability issues , class differences , economic security and other wars the people were dealing with. when cinema came to Iran it a massive entertainment reform , In 1905 the first movie theatre was opened in Tehran, and the Iranian government decided to lessen the ticket prices so that every segment of population may access the source of entertainment . The first ever movie created in Iran was the coronation ceremony of Muzaffar-al-Din Shah in 1896 and the early cinema actually supported the royalty of Iran.

The adherence of hostility between Iran and Unite Stated did impact the cinema as the Iranian film makers faced  troublesome situations as the film creators were banned in their own country for having terms with the United States , they were also restricted of the issuance of visa for new York Film Festivals , there were several film makers who confronted the enmity from other countries . In current time the house of cinema is still facing utter menace  but the rise of huge success is still on its way and is definitely unstoppable to create a masterpiece every now and then, such as The Salesman  &  A Seperation directed by Asghar Farhadi which got an Academy Award internationally.

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Let’s not have the art and entertainment be diminished as these are the pillars for stability in a nation. Cheers!

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