Hina Dilpazeer

Hina Dilpazeer

Pakistani television actress Hina Dilpazeer has astounded fans and critics alike. versatile acting, various comic roles and fits of laughter. That is exactly what you anticipate and end up with when the talented female comedian portrays a persona on screen.

Here’s a glimpse at five of Hina’s most appreciated roles in a television series:-

1.  Momo from ‘Bulbulay’

Momo is undoubtedly the driving force, the gravity pull that has skyrocketed the hit comedy TV show ‘Bulbulay’ to unmatched popularity. Hina plays the fidgety Momo, wife of Mehmood Sahab who makes a big fuss out of nothing. Everything about Momo is funny, nervous and unintentionally witty. Plus, Dilpazeer’s acting is the icing on the cake! There isn’t a single occasion that Momo doesn’t misread or misunderstand, taking things towards a chaotic turn! You can watch all the episodes of ‘Bulbulay’ here.

2. Saeeda in ‘Burns Road Ki Nilofar’

Early on in her career, Hina Dilpazeer astounded everyone with her role of Saaeda in ‘Burns Road ki Nilofar’. The cunning Saeeda always had her eye on young bachelors whom Nilofar fancied as well. Saeeda was a smart mouthed female who often used bachelors to her own advantage (which often was a wholesome meal or an outing) including one very old, haggard man!

3. Shakooran in ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah’

Her most appreciated and felicitated role up till now, Hina Dilpazeer’s role of Shakooran had the audience driven to hysterics with laughter. As an old, always wary dupatta-clad widow with elder daughters, Shakooran is always suspicious of each and every individual that she interacts with. her witty, cutting lines and distinct voice (a work of genius by Hina Dilpazeer) will have you laughing yourself silly anytime you watch the show!

4. Rooh Afza in ‘Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah’

Another role that stands out from the same show is that of Rooh Afza! A woman young at heart and always brimming with self praise for herself, Rooh Afza’s failed attempt at speaking English fluently (yet confidently) has struck a chord with the audience like no other character has on television screens. Always one to view herself as young and beautiful, Rooh Afza often has an interesting showdown with Shakooran!

You can watch all the episodes of Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah here. 

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