Wait no more, as the first episode gave us a pleasure over all, However I like how it started , segregation of the relationship and how wonderfully they played with the cinematography. So the story is all about love acceptance as Farah immensely bore the feelings for Asad , the way how she addresses her house chores and her love for her Khala was the true picture of a happy family. So everyone in the family knew Farah and Asad’s childhood engagement and their mothers who happens to be real sisters made an agreement for a strong relationship with each other.

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Asad intends to marry Lubna her office colleague and desire for her fellowship, however he is more annoyed with chirpy little Farah who handles all the household stuff but seems like a rebel most of the time. But the twist took place when Asad told her mother about his intentions for Lubna whereas his mother was at the corner to ask her sister for Farah’s hand in marriage proposal, this decision actually dismay his mother and his khala who were planning for Farah’s marriage with him.

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Farah was so vulnerable in this situation because the ball was slipping from her court already and she felt extremely helpless after hearing Asad’s decision. On the other hand Farah’s brother Adil did not like Asad at all because somewhere in his mind he envy him of his success and how quickly he settled financially , whereas he was still a struggler and was not paying attention for his future.


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Will Farah move on with Asad’s decision of leaving her?
Will Asad and Lubna tie knots to settle the dust as soon as possible?
Will Farah’s mother ever be able to settle her relationship with her sister?

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