Most of the times, when you plan to write something words quickly get disappeared from your memory. Ideas and innovations are hallmark of any creative writer and creative writing demands excessive reading along with time and space to generate productive work.

The most discouraging and difficult time for any writer is to express his observations and feelings into proper sentences and phrases. Writing still has not got the status of full time profession in various parts of the world. Therefore a large number of writers in third world have no choice but to adopt writing as secondary profession.

Majority of people leave this world without even knowing that they have guts to write, consequently they deprive us from bulk of knowledge in shape of life time experiences. Many of us are in deception of writing memoirs and Travelogues after retirement.

People who are towing such dreams are requested to start writing important events of their lives and preserve them in their daily diaries. Almost every writer and poet in literary world is in habit of notes taking.

As we grow older, the level of effort becomes more lethargic. We face new problems and challenges in everyday life and they keep us busy and distract our attention from life objectives. People who were fond of writing diaries in their childhood have more chances of success in writing business.

Mood and marriage are two key factors in your future building. Either they are helpful for promotion and growth of your future or they contain you to reach your maximum height. If you work with your mood, I suggest you, stop doing that. Variation of moods is a killer instinct and in fact a slow poison. I lived half of my life being a mood slave. Only regular and prioritized efforts of writing bring fruits of joy and wealth.

Secondly, human life becomes more objective and target oriented after marriage. If we conceive marital bond in her true sense and avoid the side effects of love and care. A writer needs a peaceful and very calm atmosphere around him and if the better half is annoying and demanding along with kids screaming around all the time, gets ready for a dilemma.

Hence if you want to establish yourself as a successful writer, you will have to carry the responsibilities of life with its full swing. Last but not least, Journey of thousand miles start with a single step and if you want to reach you destination, you will have to take steps every day.

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