Chup Raho

Chup Raho

Keeping quiet to save our family’s life is a good deed but when the family does not understand the silence that just gets off limits to anything. ‘Chup Raho’ is a story about the sister-in-law who is a victim from her own brother-in-law. Rameen is a girl from Rawalpindi who comes to Karachi to marry her love Aazar, in all this she experiences her brother-in-law Numair who is interested in a physical relationship with younger girls.

After the incident Rameen got all scared and refused to get married but her mother Nafeesa convinced her to continue the relation. Rameen got married to Aazar but then Numair kept his eyes on her; he made the couple shift to his own house so that he could always have his pleasure by looking at her. Rameen is so disturbed that she started screaming about Numair when Aazar touched her yelling that that he should let her go and everyone heard it.

Mannal started questioned Numair as he might have done something that disturbed Rameen but he is ignoring the fact. Aazar explained that last night was a mistake and said to forget all that happened. Numair paid Nafeesa’s sister-in-law in order to keep her back to treat her at the doctor so that she doesn’t come to Karachi. On the same side Numair is planning as how to take revenge of what hassle she created yet have fun at the same time.

In the teaser of the 10th episode we see that Numair tries to be forceful with Rameen and stop her in the washroom and Mannal is wondering as what is Rameen upto. Watch ‘Chup Raho’ every Tuesday at 8:00 pm to see what will happen to this innocent soul and will the family get to know about the reality. If you have missed any of the episode watch them here.

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