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Getting divorced on your wedding night is not what someone would want to happen in their life. ‘Main Bushra’ is a story about a girl Bushra who is not supported by her own father and fate wasn’t fair with her either. She got divorced on her wedding night and it wasn’t her fault either. The groom took revenge from his own mother and in all this Bushra got crushed.

Faraz has been heartbroken and he targeted Bushra to torture his mother. He didn’t think that doing this will affect Bushra also and it ruined her. Shayan confessed his feelings about Bushra but initially they didn’t understand it and this made Shayan get guilty about his doings. Shayan loves Bushra from the very beginning but Bushra didn’t. But then Bushra realized that her entire life she has been working to hold her house together but her refusal is breaking Shayan’s life.

Shayan was shifting to Dubai leaving everything behind but then Bushra agreed to get married to Shayan and this cooled him down. Shayan’s mother is wishing that this marriage would get lucky for Bushra and it would change her life. Watch ‘Main Bushra’ every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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