A metre measure is made up of material and you can methods proper duration on 16°C

Just what will be the payment error whether it level is used (a) toward a summer go out if the climate catholicmatch profile is cuatro6°C and (b) towards the a cold weather time in the event that temperature is six°C? Coefficient out of linear expansion out-of metal = 11 ? ten –6 °C –step one .


(a) Let the correct length measured by a metre scale made up of steel 16 °C be L. Initial temperature, t1 = 16 °C Temperature on a hot summer day, t2 = 46 °C aˆ‹So, change in temperature, ?? = t2

?= step 1.1 ? ten –5 °C aˆ‹-1 Hence, improvement in size, ?L = L ??? = L ? 1.step 1 ? 10 –5 ? 31

% of error =?LL?100% =L? ??L?100% =1.1?10-5?30?100% =3.3?10-2%(b) Temperature on a winter day, t2 = 6 °Caˆ‹ aˆ‹So, change in temperature, ?? = t1

Concern 16:

A great metre size created from steel reads precisely at 20°C. Inside a sensitive try, distances precise as much as 0.055 mm when you look at the step 1 m are needed. Discover directory of temperatures the spot where the check out are performed with this specific metre scale. Coefficient out of linear extension out-of steel = eleven ? 10 –6 °C –1 .


Given: Temperature at which a metre scale gives an accurate reading, T1 = 20 °C The value of variation admissible, ?L = 0.055 mm = 0.055 ? 10 –3 m, in the length, L0 = 1 m Coefficient of linear expansion of steel, ? = 11 ? 10 –6 °C –1 Let the range of temperature in which the experiment can be performed be T2. We know: ?L = L0 ??T ?0.055?10-3=1?11?10-6?T1±T2?5?10-3=20±T2?10-3?20 ± T2=5?Either T2=20+5=25 °C or T2=20-5=15 °CHence, the experiment can be performed in the temperature range of 15 °C to 25 °C .

Matter 17:

The fresh density from h2o in the 0°C was 0.998 grams cm –step 3 and at cuatro°C try 1.000 grams cm –step 1 . Calculate an average coefficient from volume expansion away from liquids on the heat listing of 0 so you can cuatro°C.


Given: Density of water at 0°C, ( f0)= 0.998 g cm -3 Density of water at 4°C, aˆ‹(f4) = 1.000 g cm-3 Change in temperature, (?t) = 4 o C Let the average coefficient of volume expansion of water in the temperature range of 0 to 4°C be ?.

?=-5?10-4 oC-step one Therefore,the typical coefficient from regularity extension off h2o about temperatures set of 0 in order to 4°C could well be

Concern 18:

Discover ratio of one’s lengths away from a metal pole and you will an aluminum rod where the difference from the lengths is actually independent of temperature. Coefficients out-of linear extension from metal and you may aluminum is actually 12 ? ten –six °C –step 1 and you can 23 ? ten –six °C –step 1 correspondingly.


Let the original length of iron rod be L Fe and L ‘ aˆ‹ aˆ‹aˆ‹ Fe be its length when temperature is increased by ?T. Let the original length of aluminium rod be L Al and L ‘ aˆ‹ aˆ‹aˆ‹ Al be its length when temperature is increased by ?T.

L’Fe=LFe step one+?Fe??Tand L’Al=LAl step 1+?Al??T?L’Fe-L’Al=LFe-LAl+LFe??Fe?T-LAl??Al??T-(1)Given:L’Fe-L’Al=LFe-LAlHence, LFe?Fe=LAl ?Al [playing with (1)]?LFeLAl=2312The ratio of lengths of metal towards the aluminium pole was .

Question 19:

A pendulum time clock suggests correct time from the 20°C during the an area where grams = 9.800 yards s –2 . The brand new pendulum include a light steel pole linked to an excellent hefty basketball. It’s taken to another set where g = 9.788 m s –step one . From the just what temperature tend to new clock reveal right time? Coefficient regarding linear expansion off material = 12 ? ten –6 °C –step one .

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