So we are living in a society where we have utterly lost the correct set of mind where patience is the tool that normalize the glitches and riots between the two. So what exactly can prevent the commotion between the marriage agreement? Is it only patience or money? We lean more towards switching our thoughts and avoiding a healthy conversation rather than confronting the mess and start picking up the pieces to make the puzzle complete.

Let’s discuss 7 major tips that can help save your messy marriage.

1: To know the skills to keep the relationship healthy:  ” Where were you all day”? “Why didn’t you answer my call?”  probably the everyday beef most of the couple face, so why can’t we cut some slack to ignore these petty stuff and concentrate more towards making your partner feel more comfortable and give them some space to know their responsibility. To enhance your skills of holding a good marriage one needs to identify their  bad sides and may face the music by allowing your partner to point at your dogs and mend your ways rather chasing pavements.

Couple hugging on city street at night

2: Eradicate the old hurts: If you want to be the hurt hunter then what more one could want in their partner then those who really chase the hurt and to remove the pain and agonies you once shared with each other. Point your failures along with your partner’s and realize what could be done to avoid these mistakes again and recall your old issues that should now be neglected. Just say the magic word “Sorry” to each other and trust me the level of compassion  and kindness may increase at its best.


3: Talk it out to bring change:   So it is better to pass the comments about one another to make them think of some changes that can be made, A famous quote by Shakespeare that illustrates the  real meaning of love “Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds ,Or bends with the remover to remove.”  So basically it is all about making alteration either externally or internally , sooner or later these amendment can actually create a big difference, Find out the ramification of an unfaithful and non believer participants of marriage bond .


4: Stop being the victim all the time:   the notion that explains something in your think cloud as ” how could you do this to?” kind of thinking into ” yes, together we can do million of things” , spill appreciation from your bottle of thoughts, and let your actions speak louder than your words. Inspire your partner by encouraging,  migrate from ” Oh pity me” to “Whoa proud me” . Please Ladies, self praising and bragging about your talents is such a turn off so quite it. Express your love and gratitude towards each other.


5: Be at your best: When it comes to a slipping away phase , your physical appearance counts a lot. So try to dress up for good and take care of each other’s likes and dislike stuff. In order to sustain a healthy marriage it is important to look at your best so that your partner should ponder twice of a severe thought of losing you. Just make them chained to your one good habit to prolong the marriage .


6: Know your financial state: So when you know your bank account that how many zeros are there, you will be more understanding and thoughtful of the fact to retain your falling marriage to a pedestal.  Try to hold your expectations on a level to suffice with your needs in a long term. Have a balanced plan of your money and shut the extra needs which are not important, also try to avoid hiding your account passcodes   to build a fort of trust.


7: Trust yourself:  Stop criticizing your partner when you know you’re no good either. Replace your negative thoughts and vibes  by creating a positive aura that attracts your partner and they can sniff the love out of your acts. Recite and recheck your mantras every day and feel confident about your decisions.


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