When colouring your hair, we tend to focus on what hair styles will suit us the most, however the latest hair colour that is trending all over is balyaged hair, leaving the texture bend and thick.

So here some best ideas of how to wear your balyaged hair in different styles.

Loose Curls: Even if you are having a bad hair day this look is the most beautiful and wins heart for every hangout.


Straight Hair: Give it a little sleek and bounce look when the chunks are more seen. Straight hair is looks awesome with this hair colour.


Fish Braid: Be it a half head braid or a halo one, the fish braid style is perfect for the balyaged hair as it gives a gradient effect and looks perfect even tied hair.


Messy Bun: The coloured strands looks beautiful when it is all tied in one knot. So best hair style for the day out scenes.


Blow Dry: Just a blow dry can give your hair such a bounce and life that no need to curl up your hair with the hot rod technique, instead you can just put some mousse and roll those strands with the round brush.


Ponytail: Messy tail also looks very summery and trendy, however this ever green hair do can be wear in any season. Ponytail also hides away the bad hair day agendas and gives a subtle look.



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